Answered By: Ken Winter
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Most items published by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) are published straight to the Web and are publicly accessible. Many can also  be requested by VDOT employees who want a "complimentary" printed copy.

Thumbnail image of NCHRP Report 672, showing buttons: View this PDF, Sponsor Order, and Buy This Book.

You can usually tell a complimentary title because on TRB's Web site it will appear with buttons that read: View This PDF, Sponsor Order and Buy This Book (shown on the left). 

Want to receive a free print copy? Click on the "Sponsor Order" button and follow the prompts. Be sure to use your VDOT contact information!

However, a handful of publications (for example the Access Management Application Guidelines manual) carry a cost-recovery fee, even for state sponsors like VDOT. 

You can usually tell when a TRB publication has a cost recovery fee because the only button to appear is "Buy This Book" which limits your options accordingly.

When you follow the "Buy This Book" button you're led to the TRB Store, which lets you place your order online with a credit card.


The Good News: As a sponsor, VDOT still gets a 25% discount on the purchase price of such items. 

The Bad News: The online site does not reflect the discount, though it will be applied by TRB staff who review all orders. 

So if you don't mind ordering online with a VDOT credit card with the understanding that a $120 book will not reflect a discount at the point of purchase, but will show on your statement as a $90 order, go for it!

Or, you could also explore these other ordering options:  

Phone: Call 202-334-3213 to place the order via phone.

E-mail: E-mail your order to

Fax: Fax your order to 202-334-2519

Questions? Contact TRB Publications Sales Rep. Rhonda Levinowsky using the info. above.