Answered By: Ken Winter
Last Updated: Dec 01, 2016     Views: 166

The quick answer is YES, other browsers are available!

VDOT employees are now allowed to use Chrome or Firefox from their VDOT computer without special approval. But you do have to ask the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC) to install the browser you want. 

Both Chrome and Firefox generally rank higher in market share, performance and usability than IE 11, however, browser choice is a very personalized thing.  

The entire process may take a business day (or just a few hours) to complete, but the actual installation takes only seconds.  

Tip: One fantastic feature Chrome and Firefox have is the ability to "save passwords" which can be a wonderful time saver for busy VDOT employees.  

How do I request Chrome or Firefox?

1. From your VDOT computer, go to Outlook, open the address book and type: Software

2. You should see in the address book an entry called "SoftwareMailbox, VDOT" which looks like this:

3. Submit your request explaining what browser you want installed and VITA will take it from there.  The actual email is if you want to use that.