Answered By: Ken Winter
Last Updated: May 01, 2016     Views: 27

This question comes up once in a while and the short answer is that pricing we have seen for full translations is too costly to justify a "complete article translation." However, there are three low- or no-cost options that can go a long way toward helping you understand what your article (or a portion of it) is about and whether it warrants further exploration: 

1. Translate the "abstract" using an online tool like Google Translate. Skimming the abstract (that 250-500 word summary of the article) in English is a quick way to figure out if it is worth the effort. Just cut and paste the text of the abstract into Google Translate. Odds are the original text language will be "auto detected" and translated, but if not you can select the language to translate from and to. Here's an example of an abstract to a report in Spanish as translated into English: 

2. Consider searching for the author(s) online. We can help you can determine where they work now and odds are you can find and contact them. Most authors enjoy discussing their work and many foreign-language authors speak English well enough to communicate key points of their work with you.

3. Contact us and we'll try to help you find someone who can help translate key ideas of your article. 


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