Answered By: Ken Winter
Last Updated: Oct 14, 2016     Views: 48

Every week we ship items to VDOT personnel across the state. When items are due we need you to ship them back if you don't want to renew them for continued use.

We don't care how you ship items to us.  You can use the U.S. Postal Service, a delivery service like FedX or UPS, or even VDOT's Interoffice Mail!

When we shipped items to you we should have included a return address sticker and we hope you'll use it, even if you use Interoffice Mail.

Why's that? It's pretty common for Interoffice mail to accidentally deliver items being shipped to the library to VDOT's Charlottesville Residency. Here's the best way to address items you're shipping to us:  

VDOT Research Library
Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC)
530 Edgemont Road
Charlottesville, VA  22903

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