Answered By: Ken Winter
Last Updated: May 23, 2016     Views: 27

We figured, "Why reinvent the wheel?"  So nearly all literature searches other patrons have asked us to conduct in recent years are available to everyone at VDOT. They are indexed in the library's EOS Library Catalog, so when you to a regular catalog search they will appear alongside all other kinds of library holdings (books, reports, etc.).

To "limit" your search to library literature searches only, follow these steps:   

  1. Go to the library's EOS Library Catalog
  2. From the "Advanced Search" screen click on the "Options selected!" button to limit your search.
  3. Under the "Select databases" option, check "VDOT Literature Searches."
  4. Type in any combination of terms in the search fields click "Search" to retrieve results. 
  5. Or click this link to see a list of all VDOT Library Literature Searches in the catalog.

The way search results appear, each search is described so you can see the question asked, the requester, the date of completion and a brief description of the work done.  All searches are linked as full-text documents, however, links only work for VDOT employees on the VDOT network, or using a Virtual Library Card for remote access. 

Don't see what you need? Request a search today using this Research Request Form. For questions contact, 434-962-8979

Note: Literature searches done by the library are "snapshots" of the research landscape at a specific moment in time. They were done for a team or a person or who was probably trying to make a decision or select a course of action That means a search conducted in 2010 will not includeliterature published after that date, right?  Also, item availability and URLs change over time, so please bear that in mind.